Hello, I hope you are reading this blog because you want to make a difference in this world and you realize that the most wholistic approach to change is a spiritual approach. Want to get away from dead religion, but deepen your relationship with God?  If you are stuck on tradition and religious ritual without any substance, this blog is not for you. And if you have already dismissed this blog as just another “religious rant”, you may be pleasantly surprised and challenged by the fresh approach and emphasis on a Kingdom consciousness and vibrant life-changing faith. I’m George Fossett, and this blog is my opportunity to hopefully inspire you and challenge what you believe.  I invite you to explore with me what the kingdom of God is all about and how it defies the spirit of religion. The kingdom of God affects every area of your life, not just where or whether you attend a place of worship. It’s about learning to look at all of life through the lense of this idea of heaven on earth!