I was looking at the beautiful picture in this blog of the row of outdoor tables and their crisp white tablecloths and table settings looking so inviting.  You’ve got to know that the food served on these beautiful tables is of the highest quality. It would be a shock for most of us if we were to sit down in such a beautiful atmosphere only to have a paper plate with fast food put in front of us. Well, I thought about the quality of food that I would expect in this situation, and I came away with something profound. Actually, it was quite simple, but still somewhat profound in its implication. Three words came to me that I want to encourage the reader with: CHANGE YOUR DIET!

It’s important to let you know from the beginning this is about something more than natural food. This is meant to address those of you who are spiritual seekers or better put, followers of God. If you don’t believe there is a God, please continue to read this post because maybe it may cause your appetite to increase for what you can not see in the natural and therefore do not believe in. However, in order for you to embrace a God you can not see with your physical eyes and fully understand and grow in a vibrant faith, you must believe. “How then can they call on the One they have not believed in?” (Romans 10:14)

Believers know that there is more and we claim that we are followers of God. So, I am speaking specifically to those who are on a “diet”. We may pray and read something “spiritual” ever so often. However, when you examine the quality of what you “eat”, is it healthy and wholesome for your spiritual intake?  Or is it cheap fast food? Is it the kind of food that makes your spiritual stomach upset?  Are you guilty of getting excited, after ten years of following Christ, over truths you should have already known as an infant (in terms of spiritual maturity)? Do you expose yourself to spiritual teaching and training that boils down to potty training and infant milk bottles?

I’m just asking questions, that’s all. Hoping some of us will take a brutally honest look at our spiritual diets, realizing there is a strong possibility we could be experiencing so much more in life if we stepped up to the grownups table. And for some of us, it’s not so much about moving from a child’s diet to an adult’s. It seems more about digging into God’s Word for yourself so you can discern when you are being served fast food or nourishing food. You are faithful at your church or spiritual community?  That is great, especially if you recognize that your spiritual community is a supplement and not the whole of your spiritual diet. However, some of us need to stop using the excuse that we are being “faithful” in the spiritual community we chose as a reason for constantly sitting at a table where hamburgers and fries are served. Grow up, take charge of your spiritual success, and change your diet! You may be missing out on truly abundant life and simply camping out in a place called “Religion”. Let’s not find ourselves in the category the Apostle Paul described as “infants in Christ” (1 Corinthians 3:1-3).

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