Sacrifice Security

IMG_20170704_1742021Have you ever stopped to ponder the significance of how much of your life is spent on a job? Work is honorable and certainly nothing to be ashamed of.  The question is whether you are involved in your life’s work or just work to survive? Be careful you do not sacrifice your personal values on the altar of so-called financial security. Don’t do yourself a disservice by throwing away your dreams. You can do both, work and fulfill your purpose and sense of calling.

Some take great pride in their longevity within a particular field of work and are often willing to throw away their inner desires and dreams because they would interfere with their “track record” of loyalty to the company or organization they are a part of.  They may even believe longevity equals success. Longevity is commendable especially if the job is a place where you believe you belong. But imagine being in an abusive relationship for an extended period of time and later bragging to others, “we’ve been married for over twenty five years!” It may be safe to say there is nothing commendable about that, and your longevity in the relationship does not wash out the reality of the abuse suffered. Longevity should not be the sole determining measurement of whether you should pursue that business idea, travel the world, write that book, etc.

You should be willing to accept the possibility of immediate discomfort when giving up a job or career constantly demanding the compromise of your integrity. If your journey towards your dreams requires this kind of sacrifice, don’t worry about how you will be perceived though. Concern yourself with self respect more and others respect just a little less. As one transformation teacher used to say, your reputation is in the hands of others. Among a group of one thousand people, you may have one thousand different “reputations”. He said it is your character that YOU have the power to determine. Your character speaks to who you really are, and being TRUE to who you really are is called integrity. So be who you really are! Exercise wisdom in your decisions, but also be true to what you want out of life, even if it means giving up a sense of security. Sacrifice security for the greater good of integrity!

When I think of how much we worship at the altar of financial survival and financial security, this question came to mind, “….is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” (Matthew 6:25) From the perspective of this passage in the Bible, there is something deeper than survival and even security. Ask yourself the hard questions like the one in this passage mentioned. (The context of this passage deals with prioritizing God’s kingdom agenda for your life over material provision and material/natural concerns.) See what answers you may come up with, and feel free to share!

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