Get Up, Get Forward!

Arise to a new life! Get up from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you! (Based on Isaiah 60:1)

The Promise of Transition

To move from the past to the present, you must discontinue your thought connection to old things. You have to get up on the inside before you can get up on the outside. You must disconnect from debilitating memories, negative events from the past, even break your excessive attachment to good times from the past. Your constant recall of the past is basically an illusion, a ghost with no body. There is no present substance to the past you recall except the substance you give it with your thoughts and your faith in the power of past memories and their effect on you now. In other words, the only connection between you and what happened in the past is the attention you give it in the NOW.

Obviously, past events have no life of their own in the NOW, in the present. They require you to presently connect with them in order to have the chance of resurrecting. If you really don’t want this, then stop connecting with your thoughts. Stop connecting with what you say in your heart regarding what happened. Remember, self-talk is extremely powerful. So use it not to live in the past but plan and “scheme” for a bright future. Arise to a new life, the new life YOU have imagined. Stay focused on a beautiful inner picture of the way things can be in the NOW. Get up and get forward!


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