Just As It Is

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It is important to establish a framework for why this blog has come into existence. I want the reader to know where I am coming from. Before I introduce new themes, I feel I should establish the reasoning behind the name, “Kingdomcome”. So many things discussed in this forum will be based directly or indirectly on this theme of the kingdom of God manifested, revealed, made plain on earth.

It all started with the Lord’s Prayer, “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)  Three words stood out….”as it is”. The prayer began to reveal itself to me as a prayer for alignment, put quite simply. In other words, “let the reality of what is happening on earth in my life be in alignment with what is happening in heaven concerning me”. There is a will of God concerning you already in actuality in heaven, already realized. Are you in alignment with it? When speaking of alignment, I remember the example I was taught of a movie theatre. You walk in and focus your attention on the screen, but the movie reel is normally upstairs behind a window. That is actually where the movie is playing. The screen is only a projection of what is going on in that movie reel. The plan and purposes of God, His blueprint for your life, is the movie reel. When we get in alignment with the “movie” that is already playing “upstairs”, then we cooperate with the Father in creating a beautiful picture to the world of what God’s kingdom looks like. We want the screen of our life to look like the picture playing in heaven. We want to project to the world the movie God is already playing in heaven! He planned out your life before your life began on earth. He is simply waiting for you to get in sync with what He already prescribed. Our prayer should be for His kingdom to come in our lives and His will to be done JUST AS IT IS in heaven. His will for you is already in motion. It is time to get in alignment.

I look forward to your contributions and discussion of the topics and/or themes I will introduce. There are a number of writings that I am excited about sharing that perhaps have a little more of a personal touch and even passion attached to them that may have not been present in these first two posts. However, I felt it was necessary to introduce my reasons for writing and the beliefs behind the name of this blog so you know where I am coming from. If you do not agree with this idea of alignment with God’s kingdom agenda for your life, you may have a difficult time reading future blogs because we take this principle and expand on it in even broader, more radical terms. I hope you are up for the ride into new realms of Kingdomcome! May God’s kingdom come and His will be done in your life.


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