It’s Time!

Keep it simple…..that’s what comes to mind as I write this first blog post. I have been writing for a long time now, but seldom sharing any significant amount of the endless pages of entries I have written over the past several years. Now I believe it is time, not because I have it all together or know exactly where I am headed with all this. It’s just that sensing or impression that ….it’s time!

These entries will quite often be intensely spiritual in nature but avoiding a downward spiral into religious nonsense. My aim is to expose the darkness and ignorance of the religious spirit, to inform people that there is a deeper life in the arena of the kingdom of God, and to empower them to live in the realities of that kingdom come in their lives. I want to encourage, empower, and uplift.

Often, after looking at posts online or having posted something myself, I felt I was limited in what I could express spiritually because of the type of audience I had. ¬†Either I would possibly offend some religious leaders in my audience whose livelihood depended on the maintenance of the very religious spirit I would want to speak against, or I would say spiritual things that had a level of depth that could be misinterpreted by those who claim no faith at all in God. So, this blog became necessary for me to express things at a deeper level that I felt I was not free to say elsewhere. It is time now especially for sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father to come out of the ignorance and darkness of religion and pursue with all their hearts the kingdom of God come to earth!¬†In order to keep it simple as mentioned at the beginning, I have chosen to end this first blog and begin the tackle of a “kingdom” topic for the next post.

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